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Aggressive Players in the tournament with yellow & red card statistics

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Soccer Leaderboards: Cards reveal the aggressive players in the competition. With detailed statistics like as appearances, subs, minutes…etc for the players, Broadage Leaderboards Cards help you to point out which player is fighting for his/her team also.

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Graphic Bar

Whole disciplinary record is shown in the cards leaderboard widget, with both number of yellow and red cards presented in the same table.

You can also find the supportive content in this widget as number of yellow and red cards the players have received. In addition to the numbers, the breakdown of cards received are shown with a bar chart as well.

Small and Large Modes

Configure the number of data rows and create different versions of the same widget for different use cases.

You can use a shorter widget giving a brief info in the side bar of your page or use a widget that has longer content for a more detailed page dedicated to the disciplinary record of the players in a competition.


Redefine the leaderboard based on any stat to give a different perspective.

The leaderboard may have been defined with a specific stat, but your users can sort the table by other stats to find out the answer to a wide range of "what if" questions. In the end it's up to you, turning the sorting options on and off as well.

All You Need is “Plan”

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