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Sports Data Widgets

Broadage widgets are graphically enhanced rich web components including live sports data. They are perceived as native parts of your website. You can use each widget in any combination possible, in every page of their website. 

You can easily implement, configure and customize our hosted widgets within admin console. You only need to embed the script generated for you into your website. You can insert your first widget in a few minute after registration. You can get detailed information about implementations from Tech Docs from here.

The widgets are responsive to any size from at least 280 pixels and can be placed anywhere on the page.

You can find detailed information about Broadage sports widgets IOS, Android and mobile website integrations in TechDocs.

More than 100 configuration options are available, letting you to customize the content in any way you want. You can also choose any pre-defined theme or create your own theme which suits best to your brand. You can also use your own website’s style sheet or separate one. You can find the answer for your customization related questions under Configurator in Tech Docs.

Yes, you can use your own preloaders.

You can find the documents that detailed integration and customization explanations can be found on the link below, and you can contact our Support Center for your inquiries.

Tech Docs

Broadage sports supports especially English, Spanish, Italian, German, Porteguese, French, Turkish and Arabic. You can choose your language preferences while purchasing.

All versions are supported for widgets. Except for Internet Explorer 9 and older versions.  

You can use the Broadage Widgets in a single master domain without any problems and in the subdomains of the corresponding domain.

You can reach our coverage plan from this link. Supported tournaments constantly increase and our customers are informed via informative emails about the developments

Current available widgets are Soccer, Basketball, Voleyball, Handball,Footbal, Ice Hockey, Baseball. The number of supported sport branches are increasing every day.

Yes, subscribing to Broadage.com, providing your payment information, and activating your free trial, you can use certain content for fifteen (15) days (“Free Trial Period”) . You can use this Free Trial offer only once. Broadage reserves the right to withdraw, modify or stop the access while your Free Trial Period is continuing by notifying customers.

The frequency of the updates vary depending your purchased plan. Updates can be real time, hourly, daily and weekly.

You can search for the problem with the error code or text you received, or you can contact our Support Center. Click for technical documents and error messages.

If there is an information outdated, incorrect or incomplete content in the widgets, after case of submitting it with a screenshot to icerik@boradage.com, our support team will complete necessary examining as soon as possible and inform you about required updates done. Your feedback on our content is very important to us and please feel free (do not hesitate) to ask any of your questions.

If you receive an error about Data not found, please contact Support Center.

Check your subscription renewals. Check whether the domain you use is permitted. If the problem is not about these, please contact our Support Service.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help, you can make sure we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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