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What is Widget Configurator and Coverage Builder? What are their benefits? What are the differences between them?

The Widget configurator makes all the Broadage widgets available for integration. It helps visual and instant content ready for use by making hundreds of combinations available to change.
Coverage Builder is a tool for editing and creating coverage for Livescore widgets. You can also see default coverage in Coverage Builder.

Why should I choose to use widgets?

Using widgets saves you time and money. Without the developer and the designer, you can start using the widgets as soon as you become a subscriber. You also don't need any server cost when using a widgets.

Can I try widgets before I buy them?

You can try all widgets for 15 days free of charge in all languages. Click here to become a member for free.

Can I add a widget anywhere I want in my website/project?

Yes. Each widget is individual and you can mix and match widgets to create your perfect page. Pick the widgets you want, choose where they sit on your site and apply your own branding. It can't get easier than that!

Can I decide what data to display in Broadage Widgets?

Yes. Each widget is unique and has its own documentation. You will know exactly how flexible it is - some allow you to filter the data, some to combine data from different competitions and some allow you to change the layout of the widget.

What browsers are being supported on widgets?

The widgets are compatible with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer versions 7+
  • Firefox version 3+
  • Chrome latest
  • Safari 4+
  • Opera 10+
Is it a fully hosted solution?

The widgets are hosted on the cloud. Like Facebook, Amazon and Google, Broadage is using the latest technology to provide a reliable infrastructure to support the widgets. No more feed deliveries, no more FTP. Let us do the tricky work for you.

How can I start using widgets?

By clicking here, you can start using the widgets for 15 days free of charge without giving a credit card. Click here to learn how to create your first widget.

How do I initialize multiple widgets at once?

Multiple different widgets can be run at the same time as a single initializer.
Different languages, different themes, etc. can be assigned to each widget instance.
For more detail:
Multiple Instance Widget in Tech Docs

Do widgets support mobile platforms?

Yes, widgets have been developed to suit all mobile platforms.

How do I use the live score widget for a single tournament?

You can create easily custom coverage for only one tournament via Coverage Builder. If you use that coverage in your livescore widget, the widget will include only one tournament.

Does every widget have the same data request interval?

Data request intervals are not the same for every widget, it depends on the type of widget. You can see more and have some information by our Data Calculator.

Can i change the data coverage of a widget?

Yes you can, thanks to our easy to use Coverage Builder, you can create and edit different data coverages to use with each of the widgets in your subscription.

How can i add redirection to Match Center widgets from Livescore widgets?

Livescore and Livescore Ticker widgets have a configuration that can redirect matches to website you want. It explained in Widget Documentation as:
“Match Redirection To” allows you to redirect the match to match center. Each sports type has own URL path. So, firstly you must select the sports type and then paste your url path into text box.
When you clicked scoreboard of the match in the list, this action pastes broadage SportsId(if needed) and MatchId into {reserved keyword} area(s) in the URL path.You can see the samples below.

  • Sample 1: http://your-domain.com/{sportId}/{matchId}
  • Sample 2: http://your-domain.com/sport-news/{sportId}/challenge/{matchId}/game-zone
  • Sample 3: http://your-domain.com/match-{matchId}
  • Sample 4: http://your-domain.com/index.php?matchId={matchId}
  • Sample 5: http://your-domain.com?sId={sportId}&mId={matchId}

Can I redirect users from the widgets to different pages?

It’s possible to redirect users to different pages in some of our widgets like Soccer Livescore and Basketball Liveticker. Please check the Widget Configurator for the feature and how to do it.

Should I use different pages for each match when I use the Match Center widgets?

No, only one Match Center page is enough to cover all matches. You can use Query Parse String to cover infinite number of matches at single page. It explained in “Query String Parse“ in the page below:
Widget Body in Tech Docs

Do all widgets work in any size?

Yes, all Broadage widgets are designed responsively. They can work properly in 280+ pixel width.

I have inserted the widget script into my website, but I can’t see the widget. What should I do?
What is a DOM element?

Broadage widget needs a initializer and a widget body and a Html DOM element to work In the HTML DOM, the Element object represents an HTML element, like P, DIV, A, TABLE, SECTION or any other HTML element.

How can i add same widgets with different configurations to same page in a single script?
If my daily limit expires what happens to my widget, how does it look on my page?

When you exceed your daily limits, the widget will be completely invisible so that no warning or error messages appear on your site.

Does the language I choose in registration, change platform or widgets content?

Platform has only English support for now. Language that you choose, initiates default languages of your widgets. You can add more supported language by:
Language Settings

How many themes do these widgets support and can I create my own theme?

The list of prepared themes are below:

  • White (default)
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Petrol Blue
  • Darkness Blue
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cherry
  • Indian Red
  • Light Green
  • Orange Gray
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White Red
  • Yellow

You can also create limitless variations of themes by Theme Configurator.

Do I need a CDN for images used in widgets?

You do not have to use CDN for the images you want to use in widgets, but you can use it if you prefer.

How can I use my widgets in other languages?

You can start using one language as a subscriber. You can also purchase new languages by going to Language Settings to use multiple languages.

Can I only get widgets for a team / tournament / country / sport?

Widget plans cover all widgets contents so you can use all widgets if you subscribe to a plan. If you need invidual content, please check our API page or click here to contact us.

Which widgets can I use to create a soccer league page?

  • Fixture and Results
  • Standings
  • Goals Leaderboard
  • Assists Leaderboard
  • Cards Leaderboard
  • Livescore
  • Livescore Detailed
  • Livescore Ticker

Widgets above can be enough to create a soccer league page. There are also team widgets that can help obtain more detailed content.

Can I change the placement of any widget content?

There are great numbers of configuration that can change visual features of widgets in configurator. You can see all in Widget Configurator.
For example, if you do not want to use “Tournament Header” on left(default) in Livescore, you can carry it top or you can use it in stretch configuration.

How long are changes in the widget configurator and coverage builder displayed on my site?

When changes on widgets script saved in your website CMS or HTML, the changes will be displayed immediately.

Also, when you add or remove tournaments from your coverage, it will effect your livescore widgets that uses that coverage, immediately. Top Events changes are instant, too.

Can I change the date formats used in widgets?

Yes, there are varieties of date formats and combinations on Broadage widgets.

Do the widgets have different interfaces/themes that I can use?

Yes, not all but most of the Broadage widgets are have different interfaces. Some of these are automatic by widget width. Some of them are configurable by widget configurator.
There are also pre-defined themes that are ready to use. You can also edit these pre-defined themes and download its css on your CDN. Creating fully custom theme is an option, too.

Can I use more than one sport in the same live score widget?

Yes, Livescore widgets support multisport. If you use default coverage or add tournaments from all sports that supported, you can see all matches from different sports in same widget.

Configurations in the Widget Configurator are grouped according to what?

General Options:
First, these are the mandatory configurations. Also, configurations that are used in all Broadage widgets, are listed in here.
Widget Options:
These are the configurations that are used different kind of Broadage widgets but not all of them.
Advanced Options:
These are the unique and not common configurations that are used in Broadage widgets. These options are mostly widget-based.
Theme Options:
These are the theme-related configurations that only effects themes of Broadage widgets. It will affect only CSS and not only let the user use it on widget, but also download and keep it.

Can I show match details on the live score widget?

Yes, Livescore Detailed widget is designed for the usage of livescore with no redirection for matches. Details of matches can be seen by one-click, on/off expanding matches on widget.

I can't see the matches that will show in the Live Ticker widget after 2 days, why?

Livescore Ticker widget is designed for the matches in between 36 hours period. Matches that are not in this period, won’t be shown at Live Ticker. It will serve to show daily scores.

Is it possible to use widgets with less data than widgets’ default data?

Yes, most of the widgets have configurations that help to limit data used in that widget by specific requests. For example, Fixture & Results widget can transform into only “Results” widget with single configuration and filters only finished matches.

Can i generate championship race standings for any tournament?

Yes, you can create only contenders standings with single selection in Widget Configurator. You can also create new or add candidate for relegation to your standings, too.

Do I have to use the Match Center with all its content?

No, you can use specific Match Center components alone, too. The list is:

Soccer Match Center Basketball Match Center
Scoreboard Scoreboard
Match Info Match Info
Live Match Statistics Live Match Statistics
H2H Standings H2H Standings
Live Commentary Play by Play
Timelines Lead Tracker
Lineups Boxscore
Formations Game Leaders

Match Center bundles include all widgets in list above. All widgets in list can work alone, too.

Do I have to be a subscriber to see the demos/live previews of the widgets?

No, Widget previews are public to see at Widget pages such as:
Soccer Standings

Can I prioritize tournaments on live score widgets?

Yes, there is a default prioritization in default coverage. If you want to change prioritization, you can create a new coverage and give any priority to each tournament by dragging "↕" icon in Coverage Builder - Your Coverage.
Coverage Builder

How do I add tournaments to Popular Matches in Livescore Ticker?

You can add tournaments as Top Events in your coverage by clicking the "TOP EVENT" button on tournament names in Coverage Builder - Your Coverage.
Coverage Builder

Can I create more than one coverage for different uses?

You can customize coverages you create any way you want. For example, you can create only English Soccer Tournaments Coverage by adding only them. Also you can create US Sports coverage by adding only NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS in same coverage.

Can I check the notifications from livescore widgets?

Yes,there is notifications in livescore widgets. They listed as:

  • Goal Sound
  • WEB Notification
  • Notification(only in Live Ticker)

They are all one-click, on/off configurations that can be implemented easily.

Where can I see all configurations in the Widget Configurator on a single page?

There is a documentation for all configurations that widgets use in Widget Configurator. Also there is redirection for each configurator to this documentation for detailed information. It includes configuration keys, types, descriptions and used widgets.

In widgets, can i use navigation bars instead of comboboxes or vice versa?

Yes, most of the comboboxes and navigation bars are configurable, customers can choose any type they want to generate widget with that configuration. But it is good to know that all Broadage Widgets default configurations are designed carefully to apply the best practice of sport widgets.

How many players are shown in Leaderboard widgets? Can I change this count of it?

Default count of players in leaderboard widgets is 10. But it is configurable, you can change it with “Limit Data Rows” configuration to any value between 1-20.

What are the options where multiple widgets are used as bundles?
How can i see list of widgets by their supported tournaments?
What should I do first to add my widget to my website/project?

We recommend that you first read the Setup Guide on the Dashboard screen. Then you can go to the Get Widgets panel and select the widgets you want to add and edit them as you like. You can also watch tutorial videos from the How To section, if you have a problem, you can reach us by clicking here.

How do I change the look of a widget?

You can access dozens of views about your widgets or create your own theme by selecting Get Widgets from the dashboard screen.

Why doesn't any match in the past season appear on widgets?

Broadage widgets work only in active season. For example, two back to back seasons of any tournament can’t be shown on widgets. As an another example, when 2018/2019 UEFA Champions League Pre-Qualification Round begins, The Final of 2017/2018 Champions League can not be seen at widgets.

Why did the widget disappear suddenly while it has been working properly?

If you have started to exceed your daily limit, the widgets disappear directly instead of warning messages on your platform.

What is the importance of Timezone value, why should it be used?

All time related data are driven with the effect of Timezone value in widgets. Also if customers want to fasten time related values in widgets to all their global end users, they have to give exact timezone value from Widget Configurator.

Which font types and sizes do widgets support?

If you choose to create your own theme for the widgets, you have three different size options for more than 15 types of fonts. Please see Widget Configurator--Theme Options for more detail.

Can we add any image to the widget background?

You can put the background image to all Broadage widgets by downloading default CSS and coding it to your own custom CSS. Then, you can upload it to your CDN and “Custom Theme Url” configuration will help you to use CSS from your CDN URL.
It is worth remembering that you will need to make changes related to background image because the default fonts could be nonadaptive to the background image.

Can i pass match informations to another page from your widgets?

Livescore, Livescore Detailed, Livescore Ticker, Fixture & Results and Team Schedule widgets support Action Callback function.
Action Callback helps to pass match informations to a listener and pass these informations to another page/application. For detailed information, you can view “Action Callback (optional)” at link below:
Widget Body in Tech Docs

Are the crawlers and spiders of search engines being counted as Request Call in the widgets?

No, they are not being counted as Request Call. Because our widgets are the script which is called by the browser.

Do I need to take a process to use the widgets on my mobile platform/project?

All widgets have been designed and developed as responsive. So you don't need to make any changes.


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