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What types of services do you offer?

Broadage provides the most comprehensive and reliable betting services and content solutions to the betting industry. The product range consists of pre-match odds services, live data services, live odds services, betting stimulation tools, live streaming services, innovative gaming solutions and esports betting solutions.

Are your services customisable?

Yes, all services can be customised to fit your exact needs. Furthermore our services can be tailored for all types of businesses – from small retail outlets to big online operations.

I don't know anything about programming and design. Can I still use a products?

The beauty of the widgets is that you don't need to know how to program to use them. Broadage provides full documentation and support so you can choose how you want the widget to look and act. Once you got the code - all you have to do is to copy it into your page.

Which languages do your products support?

Broadage widgets and API currently support the following eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic. Other languages are available by quote.

Can I edit the contents of my subscription plan according to my needs?

All the widgets are included in every subscription, it’s up to you to use which widgets you need. If you would like a solution that includes only the data types you need, we can help you with our Sports Data API solution.

Can I see provided tournaments before registration?
Are the identifier numbers of teams same which belong to the club like Soccer and Basketball teams of Real Madrid?

No, Broadage identifier numbers of teams differentiate sport by sport. It can be same but even it is same, they will not be related to each other.

What should i do to implement standings standardizations by sport type?

Customers do not have to do anything to standartize standings by sport types. They all work automatically for specific sports nature.

Should I buy a widget or an API?

If you don't want to do design or development and want to use the products quickly, “Widgets” will be more suitable for you. If you want to manage the content completely, the API solution will be more suitable for you.

How do I know what's new about Broadage Sports Data?

By becoming a subscriber of Broadage Sports or registering with our mailing service, you will be informed of all the news about Broadage Sports.

Is there any content in API and not in Widgets or in Widgets and not in API?


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