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Seasonal team squad with detailed match statistics

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Basketball Team Squad Statistics widget shows squad of the team in the active season with the detailed player statistics. Broadage Basketball Team Squad Statistics widget presents position, age, height, games played and per game statistics of the points, assists, rebounds, fouls, turnovers and blocks for the players, tournament by tournament that the team competes.

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Tournament Based Statistics

Seasonal Player Statistics in the squad.

Team Squad Statistics enables you to show player statistics, tournament by tournament via simple tournament combo above the list. Such as, Field Goals, Mades/Attempts, Assists and much more. 

Data Descriptions

As the number of data types used in the leaderboards increase, more abbrevations are used.

The description for each abbrevation used is presented at the footer of the widget to create a more user friendly and clear environment. If you are serving to a more advanced user based audience, feel free to turn off the descriptions for a simplified look.

Small and Large Modes

Configure the number of data rows and create different versions of the same widget for different use cases.

It can be a tight race between 5 players who are far ahead of others or between more than 10 players for a certain time of the season. It's possible for you to show specialised content for both cases, thanks to a wide amount of options in defining data rows.


The squad statistiscs may have been defined with a specific stat, but your users can sort the table by other stats to find out the answer to a wide range of "what if" questions. In the end it's up to you, turning the sorting options on and off as well.

All You Need is “Plan”

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