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While Triple Double is the coolest performance define of the basketball, leaders of these three core statistics which are Points, Assists and Rebounds are updated live for both teams at Basketball Game Leaders Widget. There are also detailed statistics for the leaders such as Steals or Field Goal Made/Attempt.

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Three Core Statistics

Points, Assists and Rebounds... Most anticipated statistics for the fans.

The game leaders widget shows the leading players in points, assists and rebounds during live game. So, fans can easly follow the leading player in the game.

Supportive Statistics

Follow the game leaders in detailed way.

With this feature; Points, Assists and Rebounds statistics come with the supportive statistics. Points supported by Free Throw, 2 Points and 3 Points in both made/attemp counts. Assists supported by turnovers. Rebounds supported by offensive and defensive.

Combine with Live Statistics

Show the Game Leaders with Live Game Statistics.

You can use the Game Leaders widget in your page as standalone one or you can make your widget more powerful by selecting "Live Statistics" component in Additional Widget options.

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