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Live and sortable player match statistics separated via teams

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Basketball Boxscore widget displays detailed statistics about players during the game. Player Name, minutes, total points, field goals, 3 points, free throw, offensive and defensive rebounds, rebounds, assist, fouls, turnovers, steal and blocks statistics are provided for the players in the Boxscore widget.

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Detailed Statistics

Offer the live player statistics in advanced level.

Every player stat in the match such as points, assists, rebounds, blocks and personal fouls are provided.

Success Rate

Smart values for the fans.

The success rate of every type of shot attempt provided in the same column, no calculation or extra column needed.

Team Totals

Compare the teams statistically.

Total stats are shown in the same row, letting you to compare team statistics too.


Redefine the leaderboard based on any stat to give a different perspective.

The Boxscore may have been defined with a specific stat, but your users can sort the table by other stats to find out the answer to a wide range of "what if" questions. In the end it's up to you, turning the sorting options on and off as well.

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