The Curious Case of 2019 NBA Free Agency

The 2019 NBA Free Agency may will be the most exciting and important one in the history of the league. So many big names has their contracts ended and one particular superstar has publicly requested his trade also adds to the already long list of free superstars.

We have 2 of the highest scoring players in the league declaring his free agency this summer.

We’re gonna start with arguably the biggest and the most polarizing figure on the list, Kevin Durant.

2014 NBA MVP, Finals MVP on Warriors’ 2017 and 2018 Championships, the best player currently in the league for most pundits. For every accomplishment he has in his resume, Durant’s reputation amongst the fans has been rapidly destroyed after he joined the Warriors on 2017 just after they defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder from being 3–1 down. Everybody was praying for Durant’s and Warriors’ failure to win championships but they have won 2 somewhat easy championships on last two years, with Durant being the number one factor on each of the finals. But this year, he has problems with the rest of the squad (with Draymond Green especially) inside and outside the court and is expected to leave regardless of the Warriors win the ring or not.

Our Prediction: New York Knicks

Next up on our list is another polarizing and controversial figure, the Klaw, Kawhi Leonard.

After he requested his trade from the San Antonio Spurs because of his alleged “mistreatment” of his injury from the team’s medical staff, Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors. Even though Raptors have exceeded the expectations and reached the NBA Finals, the word around the league is that Kawhi doesn’t want to stay in Canada much longer and wants to move to Los Angeles where his family and friends live on, preferably on the “lesser known” LA team.

Our Prediction: Los Angeles Clippers

Third player is another one from the reigning double champs, Klay Thompson.

Probably some of the safest bets on this list. Nearly nobody expects Klay to leave his beloved Golden State to play for any other team in the league and with high chance of Durant leaving, he’ll get the money he wants from the Warriors. Win/win for both sides it seems.

Our Prediction: Golden State Warriors

And we move to the East Coast again, this time for the Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving.

The Uncertainties

Boston Celtics 2018/2019 season can be described with one word: disappointment. The expectations were very high from this young and very talented team that led by young and very talented coach, but they didn’t live up to those expectations, at all. All season long, the tension between the pseudo-lockerroom leader Irving and the youngsters on the team -Tatum and Brown especially- really hurt the team spirit and not suprisingly they have been destroyed by the Milwaukee Bucks. The outspoken Irving has been really vocal about the disagreements he has with the players and coaches, and we do not expect him to resign under any conditions.

Our Prediction: New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets

From Celtics to their fierce rivals 76ers, Jimmy Butler.

One of the most unpredictable ones on the list. He’s been with the Sixers for a very short period of time, but it looks like he enjoys the locker room and the competitiveness of the team. But, knowing Butler, he can do anything and we will not be suprised by his decision at all.

Our Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers

We have a youngster who has an upside of a superstar and an elite pg who can rule the league one day, D’Angelo Russell.

Russell is another curious case, not because he’s unconfortamble from the city or the team, rather that the team is probably has doubts about his potential and character. He’s a very talented guy and his ceiling is of the charts, but his motor and love for the game has always been a problem and you can argue that it was the reason Lakers traded him two years ago. There is absolutely zero news about his free agency plans, but who needs a point guard most and has the money and championship pursuit that can persuade him?

Our Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers

Other Notable Players:

Khris Middleton — Our Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks

Kemba Walker — Our Prediction: Charlotte Hornets

And then there is the bad guy of the season, Anthony Davis.

Technically he’s not a free agent, but we can all agree that he’s leaving the New Orleans Pelicans this summer, the question is which team will give away the most for him. The latest news coming out of his camp is that he has two teams on his mind that he wants to stay for the future, Lakers and the Knicks. The bidding war has already started, we will wait and see who wins it.

Our Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers