Lonnie Walker IV, Will We See Another Derrick White Story?

San Antonio Spurs won on Wednesday night vs the great Texas rival. If you watched the game or woke up and saw the box score, Lonnie Walker IV, spurs’ sophomore young talent- played his best game of a short carrier, 28 point, 10/18 on the field, 4/7 3pt, 4 rebounds and 3 steals. His defence on Harden and big threes was the key of the Spurs’ 22 point comeback from rival. He was the Spurs’ game leader on points and steals.

Last 2.23 in the regulation, scoreboard says Houston leads 113-104 that’s some play by play actions:

Poeltl blocks Westbrook, in transition demar misses 2 pt layup, another Spurs ball and Forbes 3, 113-107

Harden draws foul and shoot 2/2 115-107

Westbrook misses 2 pt, Derozan passes to Lonnie for alleyup 115-109, 1.07 left.

Harden miss 3pt on Lonnie’s defence, Lonnie makes corner 3, 115-112, 41.5 left.

Harden miss another 3, Poeltl puts ribaund, Lonnie one step behind from the arc 3pt and bang, tie game 11.5 left.

After time out, Poeltl blocks Harden and it’s overtime.

Lonnie starts OT with a 3 point from right side of the court, he didn’t score a single point until in the last posseion in the game he go to the faul line and scroed 1/2. As you can imagine he played entire overtime.

Lonnie hasn’t got good minutes in his carrier, at his rookie season he played 17 games with 6.9 garbage time minutes, this season its 7.7. This match and his shooting, defending and some athletic skills, maybe Lonnie will have some good minutes from Pop.

After the game, Lonnie sayed “Pop wants me be a defensive stopper”. If he keep bringing this shooting, defence, athleticism and energy, he will more important than a reguler defensive stopper. And that’s a profile like a last peace of the San Antonio Spurs’ puzzle.