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Soccer Standings show the rankings of teams in a specific competition. Broadage Soccer Standings widget is more than just numbers about teams. The concept of standard standings is supported by additional data and features now.

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  • tickRound Navigation
  • tickStage Navigation
  • tickTeam Logos
  • tickLegends for Widget
  • tickSorting
  • tickCustom Navigations
  • tickCustom Match Date Format
  • tickOverall/Home/Away Performance Filters
  • tickLeague/Conference/Division Standings
  • tickPositional Changes
  • tickContinental Qualifications/Position Info
  • tickFilter by Team Countries
  • tickFilter by Stages
  • tickRedirection from Standings
  • tickShort Mode (Data Filtering)
  • tickNext Match Column
  • tickForm Info Column
  • tickCustom Data List Max Size
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Next Match Information

What's next for that team?

Next match info shows the upcoming opponent in that tournament for each team in the standings. And there is more, just move the mouse cursor on to the opponent team's name to see the details about the matches. Next match info also shows how the next round can shape up a competition.

Home/Away Standings

Which team is the strong in home & away side?

Home/Away Standings according where matches played for teams, has one-click accessibility at Standings widget. 

You can show which team is more successful on the road or which team made its venue like a fortress. You can use each setting as a parameter and show home or away standings initially too.

Top/Bottom Standings

Focus on the championship, promotion and regelation

Easily create different modes of standings such as short mode, which enables you to show only specific positions in a tournament standings.

Just specify how many rows you would like to show from the top and the bottom; then you have a new view of standings widget. A close title race for the championship or a critical relegation battle for survival; you can emphasize it in any way you would like.

Lots of On/Off Components

Build your own widget with the great options

The standings widget has all the data you need, but you can also configure the additional data to create a more simplified view too. 

If you want the core data you can turn them off, or just keep the additional data that you think it's significant for your audience. Choose from a number of different configurations such as Delta Position, Position Info, Descriptions and many more.

Division & Conference Views

Different standings widget for each division or conference.

If the teams are divided into divisions or conferences in a tournament such as Major League Soccer, there will be more than one standings for one tournament. You can show them in one widget with our advanced navigation options, or you can use a different standings widget for each conference and division to create a more specialised content experience.

Stage Based Standings

Navigate the users to your desired stage of that tournament, regardless of its priority.

The stage based standings feature helps you to create specialised content by just selecting the stage you want to show as a parameter. For instance, you can create different links for each group stage of UEFA Champions League and improve your SEO rating.

Form Information

The performance of the team in last 6 Matches

You can now see each team's form in the last 6 games, with overall, home and away performance available.

Matches won, drawn or lost are highlighted with different colors, allowing the users to have a clear idea about a team's form status as easy as possible.

All You Need is “Plan”

No extra fees for additional sports or widgets. Regardless of what plan you choose, you will have access to all our widgets. Just select the right data plan that suits your site’s number of visitors per day. Don’t worry, we will help you choose the right plan and it’s very easy to change when you need to.


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