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You can find information and fee details about the subscription packages you want to purchase in our Store pages. Once you decide to purchase according to the usage amount, clink the purchase button under the package a new page will be shown as Payment page; the amount of call, validity period and the fee are shown under the name of “Order Summary”. When you have complete the necessary information on this page, you can pay by entering your Credit Card information and start your subscription.  Product information, validity period, usage rules about the purchased package are sent automatically to user’s registered e-mail address. The receiving content package cannot be transferred to another account or domain.  

Yes, subscribing to Broadage.com, providing your payment information, and activating your free trial, you can use certain content for fifteen (15) days (“Free Trial Period”). You can use this Free Trial offer only once. Broadage reserves the right to withdraw, modify or stop the access while your Free Trial Period is continuing by notifying customers.

Broadage Store is integrated into the PayU payment infrastructure. You can make a secure payment by entering your credit card details.

You can contact our Support Center for your payment problems. You can receive your Payment Reports, and forward any of your questions or inquiries.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. When you request your cancellation inquiry, an email will be sent to your email account for informing you. After your confirmation, the cancellation of your subscription will be completed as soon as possible. In addition to these; 

  • The monthly subscription fee will not be charged.
  • The discounts used for annual memberships will be charged and the remaining balance will be refunded.
  • For the monthly subscriptions, the content you are broadcasted will be online until the next billing period, for annual subscriptions, the content will be online until the last day of the cancelled month.

You can upgrade/downgrade your package. To do this, click on the link below and select a higher or lower package you want to pass on the relevant page.

Plan Settings

The price gap will be calculated by the transition for subscription upgrades, for downgrades, the price changes will be reflected by the next billing period.

After package upgrade request is received, it will be completed within the day.

After package downgrade request is received, the transition will be completed in the next renewal period.

You can purchase different subscriptions for different domains.

You can see our subscription packages on different scales according to the usage amount and reach content details by clicking here.

Domain transfers are not available for monthly subscriptions; you can contact our Support Center for annual subscriptions.

You can learn about the annual prepayment discounts and campaigns by Talk to Sales.

The package you are subscribed to is renewed automatically, information about the new features are sent to your registered e-mail address 3 days in advance.

You can purchase the content you want to use in a framework of a data plan. These plans represent your daily call limits. You can downgrade/upgrade these plans regarding your utilization reports.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help, you can make sure we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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